Killnenko (Japanese キルネンコ/ Russian Кирyненко) is a secondary character in the Usavich series. He is the twin brother of Kirenenko and the actual mafia leader. He was sentenced to death along with his brother, but managed to escape from prison.

Appearence and Personality Edit

Killnenko is seen wearing a fur hooded dark and gray shirt with matching pants and black sneakers. In a flashback he appears with a black shirt and his arms are wrapped in bandages. After being blown up along with his Kirenenko, some of his brother's body parts we connected to his own, which is why they have matching scars. He has two safety pins on his left ear.

Just like his brother, Killnenko has a bipolar personality, result of their resurrection process. While most of the times he is completely uninterested and ignorant to nearly anything around him (a trait he got from his brother's body parts.), when provoked enough he can demonstrate an angry, violent side that doesn't hesitate to use physical force.

While it's unknown if he has a demonic form like his brother, it is safe to assume that he does since the violent side of their personalities come from him.

He has an obsession with sneakers and also enjoys collecting them. It is revealed that he found himself a nearly identical pair of star-pattern shoes like his brother's, although his ones are colored blue instead of red.

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