Kirenenko (Dekoto no Jigan)
Kirenenko as seen in Time for An Exit




Voiced by

Daisuke Ueno
Arato Morimura

Kirenenko (Japanese: キレネンコ/Russian: Кирененко) is one of the main protagonists in the animation Usavich. He is a former mafia boss, and he was sentenced to death penalty.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Kirenenko is a rabbit with a safety pin stuck through his left ear, and he wears a red-stripe prison uniform with number 04. He has multiple scars around his body, result of being blown up along with his twin brother Killnenko before the series's start. In a flash back, he is seen wearing a dual-colored shirt with a fur-hoodie. He doesn't talk much and is usually indifferent to things surrounding him (sometimes including Putin), but is very dangerous when he becomes angry and becomes extremely explosive.

When pushed far enough, Kirenenko enters into a demonic rage form, which is clear from the way his expression changes to glowing yellow eyes, sharpened teeth and a terrifying roar and laughter. He gets violent to the point of destroying an entire building with his bare hands, and won't stop going berserk until whatever pissed him off is dealt with, as seen when Mechanenko sliced him in three parts but he refused to die, and simply joined his body together before crushing the robot.

It is suggested in a flashback that this violent, sadistic part of his personality comes from his brother, as when both of them were revived, their body parts were mixed which resulted in mixed personalities for both.

He has a clear obsession for sneakers, and usually has a delayed response or complete disinterest to anything that doesn't involve them. Most of the time he is seen reading his sneakers magazine.

He is also practically invincible as normal weapons such as bullets and poison cause him no harm. Ironically, despite that, he is one of the characters who die the most along the series, with at least one death every season but the first one. He can easily be revived is his body parts are put if their place and if he recieves electricity.