Usavich ep. 1 scene
Beginning scene
Time for Food
Film information
Running time 1 minute and 30 seconds
Followed by Time for Work
Season 1
Episode 1

Time for Food (Japanese: 食事の時間) is the first episode of Usavich Season 1.


Putin dances Kozachok on his bed in the cell and Kirenenko is reading his sneakers magazine, while Kanschkov opens the window and looks into the cell. Putin rushes to the door Kanschkov is at and shakes his body, so Kanschkov gives Putin two dishes of fish from the lower part of the door. So Putin gives one of them to Kirenenko, but when Putin is about to eat from the fishtail, the fish suddenly hits him and begins to slap Putin. Later, Kirenenko notices his fish and smells it, but he doesn't like it. So he goes to Kanschkov, throws the fish into the toilet, and wants another things to eat in his presence. Such attitudes makes Kanschkov upset.

Kanschkov gives him a plate of fish bones instead and laughs, so Kirenenko beats him and makes him swallow the bones, which makes Kanschkov hits him with a baton. Kirenenko turns his head back and become furious. He grabs Kanschkov's machine hands and stabs him. At last, Kanschkov has to give Kirenenko a fine dish of carrot while Putin is still being slapped by his fish.