Usavich ep. 2 scene
Beginning scene
Time for Work
Film information
Running time 1 minute and 30 seconds
Preceded by Time for Food
Followed by Time for A Shower
Season 1
Episode 2

Time for Work (Japanese: 労働の時間) is the second episode of Usavich Season 1.


Once, Roudov comes to the cell Putin and Kirenenko live and he shakes the whip as an order of working. Putin goes to the door and then Roudov gives a set of scrambled Matryoshka Dolls; Putin reorders them in a fast pace.

Next, Roudov gives many chicks and asks Putin to distinguish them by gender. Still, Putin categorizes them quickly until he finds Komanetsyn. Putin can't tell its gender, but he thinks that Komanetsyn must be female, since it flushes due to Putin keeps watching it. Yet Roudov detects the error of the choose so he whips Putin, which makes him shakes his face until Roudov leaves and Zenirov arrives.

Zenirov gives Putin a coin and flips it by fingers. Putin follows the flying coin while Kirenenko is on the toilet, and then Kirenenko dodges, which makes Putin falls into the toiet; soon after, Kirenenko flushes the toilet.


  • The episode is the only appearance of Roudov and Zenirov.
  • This is the first appearance of Komanetsyn.